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    Summarize what your company does in one or two sentences. What products or services do you offer? What are some of its values? Also, please mention What sets your business apart? What is your main appeal?

    Brand Message
    What is your company’s mission statement? What’s your vision? What’s your brand message?

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    List out a few demographics of your customers such as: age, gender, location, lifestyle, income, etc

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    What are some words you can use to describe your brand? How do your customers currently perceive your organization? If you have done any branding in the past, let us know what do you like about your current branding and what do you dislike about it?

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    To ensure brand consistency, do you have any design and style guidelines or assets you’d like to share? (font, logos, colour codes, or other design elements). If you have done branding before but don't want to keep the same style and feel in place let us know!

    Who are your competitors?
    Is there a brand you look up to that you’d like to benchmark against? Also, please include the links to the websites of the few of your competitors and let us know what you like or dislike about their branding.

    What are some must-have elements of graphic design?
    Are there any new elements you’d like to try out in this project? Are there any design styles that you really like? Please provide an example URL.

    Please provide a few links or samples for inspiration / creative direction.