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Please fill out the questionnaire below and enter as many details as possible. This information will help us determine the best course of action for your marketing campaigns and also gives us a complete understanding of your brand and target audience. If you have any questions at any point, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are available in chat or you can schedule a call with your account manager at any time.

Step 1
Business Details

Please fill out your business and social media information.

    Please provide a short description of your product, brand or service

    Insert your website link:

    Please provide links to your social media channels

    Please upload photos, videos, and any other marketing material for your product or service

    These can include flyers, content used in other marketing campaigns, branding pieces, behind-the-scenes, etc.

    If you don’t have any social media channels yet and we will develop them for you. Please let us know the usernames you want for each channel and the best email address to use.

    What is your company’s vision?
    Describe in a few words how your company makes a difference or improves your customers’ lives


    Step 2
    Social Media Goals & Strategy

      Who is your target audience?
      We come up with a better strategy when we know your target audience so if you have an idea of your ideal client, please leave the details in this box. If you are not sure, no worries, we will research it for you!

      Provide 5-10 competitors/peers/similar businesses:
      Please share your competition websites and social media accounts if you know of any. This way we can better understand your business and your expectations.

      What is your company’s short term goal? Can you provide us a timeframe in between which you hope to achieve the goal?

      Let us know if your goal to improve grow your followers or engagement, encourage your prospects to get in touch or purchase from you, engage with your audience, etc.

      What is your company’s long term goal? Can you provide us a timeframe?

      Let us know where you see your business and your social media accounts in 3-5 years.

      What social media networks do you feel will be the best suited for your brand?

      Please provide links to a few examples of social media posts that you like:

      For the content creation process, do you have any particularities that you would like for us to keep in mind?
      For example: Make the content so it relates with multiple ethnicities

      Please provide the color palette you would like us to implement
      If you don't have a color palette preference, no worries, we got you!

      Please upload any brand guidelines you'd like us to follow
      If you don't have brand guidelines, no worries, we got you!

      What do you see your company’s social media voice to be like?


      Step 3
      Instagram Details

      For us to create a customized solution that perfectly matches your style and taste we have developed a questionary to get more information about your business, target audience, and the website you have in mind. Please answer all the questions below to the best of your knowledge and leave any comments or concerns in the comment box.

        Log in information for Instagram:

        A list of 5-10 accounts that will be used as sources:
        This can be competitors’ accounts (if you’re a brand) or similar accounts in your niche or from the same location. You
        can also write down any other targeting request you might have and we’ll try to do our best to meet your requirements.

        What is your exact location?

        We will set up a device to connect from your near location. This way, Instagram doesn’t see a different login and it will believe it’s still you using the account.

        For Hashtags Research

        Can you define your usual hashtags into categories? ie. A beauty brand might have a category such as "skincare" because they’re using a log of hashtags related to skincare. You can provide up to 5 different examples and we will create 5 different # sets with 30 in each set

        15-30 Hashtags that you’re usually using on your posts

        Our team usually takes actions from 9 am - 5 pm EST time and we highly recommend not doing any actions from the account in between those hours.
        Instagram doesn’t like multiple logins from different locations at the same time and will most likely give us a warning if this happens.

        Special Requirements for targeting

        Please include:
        - Specific location (city, state)
        - Age
        - Gender
        - Other requirments