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Can you explain how Foundations is targeted for SEO purposes?

In our Foundations offering, we produce content and properties solely for search engine optimization.

Content included in the Foundations section of aStash is:

Not promotional (in the sense that they do not advertise your business or sell your product)

Not meant to replace your social media and PR campaigns

These articles are not written for the general public, but as long as they are semantically relevant, Google will view you as an authority in your industry and offer you with link juice to assist increase your ranks.

On the product page for Foundations, you may learn more about the reasoning behind and methods for link development.

We’re only interested in having search engine robots, not actual humans, evaluate our product’s quality. We know our material is effective at doing this based on statistics from thousands of campaigns.

  • Standardized Content for the Basics of aStash
  • The content is original
  • Semantically pertinent (on topic and contains words related to your niche)
  • Readable

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Support staff if you need any further clarification on this matter. Whenever you need assistance, we’ll be here to provide it.

Please take into account that aStash Foundations has quite different content requirements than other aStash products such as aStash Blogger.