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How to Add a User to Google Analytics

Adding a user to Google Analytics requires:

  1. A Google Analytics account
  2. Whatever properties and views necessary for your website

With that in mind, let’s get into how to add a user to Google Analytics. 😎

Step 1: Open the right access management section

In Google Analytics—from anywhere in your account—find and click on the Admin menu item in the bottom-left corner.

This brings up the Admin panel with options for the three levels:

  1. Account
  2. Property
  3. View

Each one has an “Access Management” choice. Please click on “Account Access Management” option.

Step 2: Add emails for the new user(s)

In the Account Access Management module, you’ll see a list of all current users. Click the blue “+” button in the upper-right corner.

This displays a menu with two options:

  1. Add Users
  2. Add User Groups

Click Add Users.

Type in the email address “” in the Email Addresses field.

Mark the box below to “Notify New Users By Email.”

Step 3: Set direct roles and data restrictions

Scroll down in the same module to find a section called “Direct Roles and Data Restrictions.”

Under Standard Roles, pick an “Administrator” role from the list.

Step 4: Add the user to Google Analytics

Than click the Add button.

If you had the “Notify New Users By Email” box checked, we will receive an email notification.

You’ll also see our email address in the Access Management panel, along with all other users with those roles.