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How to Add a User to Your Instagram & Facebook

Step 1: Set up your Instagram account to be a “business” or “creator” account. Not personal!

Open your Instagram app and click on those three lines from the right-up corner

Click on “Settings” and then “Account

Scroll down and find the option “Switch Account Type“. Change it to “Business Profile” or “Creator Profile“.

Step 2: Setting up the connection between your Instagram profile and Facebook Business page

First, go to your Facebook business page and click on “Settings

On the right side you should see the tab “Instagram“. Click on that option and you should see a page where you can link your Instagram profile to this page.

Click and log in with your Instagram credentials

When everything is completed it should look like this:

Step 3: Add an Admin

Please add our CEO – Kateryna Quinn – to be the admin/editor of the Facebook Business Page that you just linked with the Instagram profile.

1) Click on “Settings” 2) Go to “Page Roles” 3) Search for “Kateryna Quinn” or with the email: And then click on the option “Add as Admin