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What is the recommended anchor text distribution for my use case?

Use a large percentage of organic anchor text in relation to your primary money keywords. Avoiding over-optimization for your most valuable keywords safeguards your website against the most common cause of Google penalty.

Here’s an example of how to utilize entirely natural anchor text with the URL “”

Phrase 1 keyword:

Phase 2 keyword:

Phrase 3 keyword:

Phrase 4 keyword: go to this site

Phrase 5 keyword: find out more

Limit the percentage of anchors that employ natural language to a high value, and instead use different forms of your primary $ keywords in each sequence. In this approach, you can prevent over-optimization.

You can use a program like to see the distribution of your anchor texts if you already have a popular website.

If you don’t already have them, we highly recommend constructing a large number of natural anchors. Signing up for multiple social media profiles on the most popular platforms is a quick, easy, and low-risk strategy for increasing your website’s exposure.